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I Geo Plast Web site

I Geo Plast, completely developed by the Plastitalia S.p.A. Technological Department, represents a valid answer to the D.L. 27/01/2010 n° 32, that  makes obligatory the respect of the contents  of the Inspire Directive 2007/2 / CE that gives requirement for data management and their exchange in maps form.

The locationing system for gas and water installation “ I Geo Plast” will be the main character of the website, through which you can discover all the features and specifications of the new entry of Plastitalia S.p.A.

Through the website it will be simple:

  • Download a form to request more information;
  • Ask for a quote;
  • Request a demonstration of the use of the product;
  • See videos and tutorials.

Another communication tool made available to users to engage and inform them about the latest news and developments of the Plastitalia S.p.A. world.

It only remain to wait…the countdown is started!

Plastitalia represents the excellence of Italian production throughout the world, through the production of polyethylene fittings for water, gas and industrial fluids.

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