• Via Ferrara 98061 Brolo (ME) Italy
  • +39 0941 536311

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Plastitalia S.p.a.

Via Ferrara

Brolo 98061 - ME




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+39 0941 536311

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Commercial contacts

Antonino Lo VercioItaly Sales Managerantonino.lovercio@plastitaliaspa.com
Michelangelo Guidi Export Central - West Europe Area Managermichelangelo.guidi@plastitaliaspa.com
Gaetano De Luca Sales Manager Center-South Italygaetano.deluca@plastitaliaspa.com
Luigi ScaffidiExport Nord and South America Area Managerluigi.scaffidi@plastitaliaspa.com
Giuseppe SalamoneSales Manager North Italygiuseppe.salamone@plastitaliaspa.com
Marco ScaffidiExport Middle East Area Managermarco.scaffidi@plastitaliaspa.com
José M. Jané Corbera Export East Europe Area Managerjose.corbera@plastitaliaspa.com

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from Palermo

from Catania

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Plastitalia represents the excellence of Italian production throughout the world, through the production of polyethylene fittings for water, gas and industrial fluids.

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