Our commitment to sustainability

Since its origins, Plastitalia has taken care of the future of the planet. Our path to sustainability keeps different environmental parameters under control. A company that respects the environment invests its time and resources to improve its productivity through sustainable development.


Sustainability is for Plastitalia synonymous with responsibility towards the environment, the community, people and the territory.
We have always carried out a strategy of value and values that guide us to take concrete steps to build an inclusive and sustainable future.
We work every day to improve the efficiency of natural resources.
We build good operating and industrial practices to create efficient collaboration models based on trust and transparency with all our partners, customers, suppliers and employees.
This means for us to create products that can last over time, directing our every effort to future generations.






ESG practices

We are committed to helping generate positive change
working on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) practices.


• Awareness-raising activities
and internal and external communication
of the sustainable aspects
• Regular monitoring of
activities in line with
national parameters and
application of any corrective actions
• Consumption of energy
from renewable sources
and not for energy efficiency
• Waste management
(dangerous and not)
• Recycling of waste and scrap
• Product optimization
to reduce scrap
• Water saving
and zero discharge
of industrial waste
• Reduced use of chemicals
in the envinroment


•Enhancement of our
territory in the world
• Social responsibility with
support works to
associations and local authorities
• Corporate welfare for the
well-being of employees
• Sensitivity to the role
of women in the company


•Good practices and ethical principles
• Transparency of decisions and business choices,
respecting all those who collaborate with us







Our certifications

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Download our Enviromental Certifications

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