IPlast electrofusion welding machine


Control units for electrofusion fittings

I Plast control units are the result of accurate research made in Plastitalia. They born to make the welds of pipe and fittings for water and fuel gas more trustworthy and secure. The meticulous research and attention to detail have given life to this sophisticated device, whose internal control system and safety mechanisms are able to guarantee an optimal weldingand in conditions of total protection for operators.

The new control unit l Plast owns an internal electronic unit unique in the world, made with dimensions very small, an outcome of a new generation of technological developments that Plastitalia, as first in the electrofusion fittings market, has brought.

Control units for electrofusion fittings

Simple, intuitive interface

I Plast has been designed for intuitive, straightforward use. The use of icons allows you to find all the information you need with a simple click

Mechanical durability

I Plast is the only welding machine in the world built with a die-cast aluminium frame for use in all types of work sites

Made to keep going

I Plast works longer than other welding machines because it has been designed to achieve maximum efficiency from energy exchange

Can be used on any generator

I Plast is built with 2 processors: one for the user interface and one for welding. For this reason, I Plast lasts to the end of the work day.

Control Unit IPlast 105 for electrofusion fittings

Control Unit IPlast 105 for electrofusion fittings

IPlast 105 belongs to a last generation equipment born to make electrofusion welding of pipes and fittings, to be used in water and gas fuels, more secure.
This new hdpe electrofusion welding machine has been designed to keep under control the whole welding process and to take-out all risks connected to the job, reducing your tasks only to the preparation of materials.



  • Able to weld fittings up to a diameter of 1600 mm
  • Able to deliver a constant power of 65 A for 6 hours or 105 A for a maximum time of 1400 seconds
  • Safety output current system  powered by a double insulation transformer with galvanic separation for maximum work safety at job site.

Control Unit I Plast 60 for electrofusion fittings

Welding with an I Plast 60 control unit means to join safety, reliability and working continuity,key points for IPlast range.

The efficient internal control system of the equipment verifies constantly all welding parameters, giving assurance about the optimum joint implementation, no need to cooling down internal parts even working without stop.

Furthermore, the output circuit has been designed to protect you from potential risks, allowing you to weld in total safety.



  • Able to weld fittings up to a diameter of 400mm

  • Duty cycle @20°C: 100%=50A / 60%=70A / 30%=90A

  • Degree of protection IP54. The casing design, performed with the most modern technologies ensures, by a cooling fan, an excellent cooling down of electrical part.

Control Unit I Plast 60 for electrofusion fittings
Control Unit I Plast 30 for electrofusion fittings

Control Unit I Plast 30 for electrofusion fittings

The I Plast 30 control unit is used for welding of electrofusion fittings of small dimensions. As with other IPlast control units, it reflects the perfect combination of modern, practical design and sophisticated electronics. The extreme minimization of components and an intensive use of digital processing techniques are resulting in a highly technological product, safe in all aspects and easy to use. IPlast is equipped with electronic controls that allow for rigorous verifications of welding processes.


  • Able to weld fittings up to a diameter of 160 mm

  • Used in the construction of small pressurized water, gas and fluid systems.

  • Supplied with universal adapters and a shoulder bag for easy transport

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