Plastitalia: our production cycle

A winning combination

A winning combination
Research and development, production, logistics and support, seamlessly combining technology, skills and methodologies. Nothing is left to chance: we design every single step to guarantee maximum quality and the best performance of our products.



Production cycle

Research & Development



Assistance and training



We develop technology

In an increasingly competitive and global market, a truly competitive edge is determined by the research and the development of new technologies which support work site productivity.

The R&D division guides our company towards excellence, through the creation of technological value. Over the years, it has developed and introduced new technological solutions on the fittings market, for the conveyance of water and gas, enabling our customers to improve work site quality and performance.

Not just safer fittings, but veritable technological innovations, such as the geolocalisation of previous welding and reduced testing times. IPlast, IGeoplast and Plastfast are added benefits which distinguish us in the polyethylene fittings sector.



Complete range of polyethylene fittings

Our range of polyethylene fittings is one of the most complete on the market. Our range includes electro-welded, spigot and fabricated fittings, with application fields ranging from wastewater (SDR 41-33) to pressure pipes (SDR 7.4 - 9).

Custom solutions

We produce customised pieces to meet all technical customer requirements: we manufacture fittings of any profile and diameter.

Injection moulding

Safety, reliability and performance are guaranteed in virtue of injection moulding procedures used to manufacture our fittings. Our use of state-of-the-art technologies enables us to mould fittings with diameters up to 1600mm!



Fittings ready for delivery

Our logistics team guarantees immediate availability of our products for the market, thanks to continuous supply and stock levels.
We have established high production and logistics standards, ensuring that our fittings are available within 24 hours within national territory, and within 48 hours in European territory.

Present on 5 continents

We have developed a widespread network of distributors worldwide.
We are present on 5 continents, guaranteeing rapid delivery and technical support.


Assistance and Training

Trust is forged through tangible actions

A key concept of our work is providing efficient technical assistance, forging strong ties with customers through constant relations and communication

Training throughout the world

IPE (I Plast Experience) is our training centre, created to train and qualify our customers in the use of our technologies and in polyethylene welding.
With IPE, we guarantee on-site training throughout the world, providing training services tailored to all our customers' requirements.


Assistance and Training

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