18 January 2024

Take note of the date: 24th January 2024. The new version of EN 12201 (all parts) will be officially published by the European Committee of standardization (CEN). Within the 31th of next July all National Standard Bodies (such as UNI, DIN, UNE, AFNOR, etc.) will be obliged to publish the national version of the EN document as National standard. As major novelty the PE100-RC is characterized by three new test method, all of them standardized in ISO. This means that many laboratories all around Europe have the requested knowledge and competence into evaluate the raw material used for the manufacture of pipe, fittings, and valves.  Also dimension of pipes have been increased up to a diameter of 3000 mm and for pressure from 4 to 8 bar (PE 100 – SDR 41-21).

The publication of this new EN 12201 series will enhance the use of polyethylene piping system in the next future.

In case of further information, you can ask to your local Plastitalia agent or type to: info@plastitaliaspa.com

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