28 February 2022

Plastitalia is a leading company in the field of plastic manufacturing and this fact implies that the factory is completed with a never ending list of equipment and among them we can see molding and turning machines, robots, fork lifts, laboratory equipment, warmed-up pools for testing, etc. etc.. At the end of the day, we can say that the factory is always energy hungry.

Another fact is that we distributes all over the world “objects made by plastic”, long lasting and no single use objects. Our products contributes to the well living of people, being them mainly used in the construction of water pipelines, for human consumption or for agriculture, or for the distribution of energy, in the form of fuel gases, etc. 

We cannot hidden that these two facts: high energy use and manufacture of plastic objects, have a strong impact on the environment, and for this reason the Board of Plastitalia has recently taken some decisions that goes in the direction to minimize as much as possible such impact.

Green energy


The first act has been to commission, to an high specialized company, a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study with the aim to individuate any possible source of energy wastefulness and, consequently to eliminate or, at least, reduce it.

Plastitalia is a subscriber at POLIECO the Italian consortium for the recovery of polyethylene waste. For each kg of worked material we pay the due fee that will be used by the Italian government to reduce the quantity of PE in the environment.

Last but not least and notwithstanding the energy crisis that is running in these days, Plastitalia has signed a contract for the supply of 100% green (electrical) energy that is more expensive that the normal one.

Our commitment to the environment is based on facts. We invest many resources in this productive aspect because the land where we all are living have to be comfortable today and, over all, tomorrow.