Tapping Valve

The tapping valve features a compact unit, fully pre-assembled and without loose parts, including the valve.

It is easy to install, thanks to the particular design and the presence of the valve, and it allows fast welding and drilling even when the pipeline is in use at maximum operating pressure without the slightest dispersion of gas/water in the working area.

The integrated valve allows, if necessary, the opening and closing of the flow in the branch line.

The large fusion zone also ensures a better welding and thanks to a double o-ring, both on the valve stem and the drilling, the perfect seal is guaranteed.

Valve handling is by means of an extension spindle.

Some features: Electrofusion fittings; PE100 black; working voltage 39,5V; Injection moulded; under part may be rigid or made by strap.

Suitable for: Piping systems for water distribution (UNI EN 12201) ; Piping systems for industrial applications (UNI EN ISO 15494).

Jointing method: Electrofusion.

Drilling: By internal built-in puncher.

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