Tapping Tee

The tapping tee connects the pipe of the gas/water system with the joint pipe.

The use of this item makes it possible to perforate a pressure line without the slightest dispersion of gas/water in the working area.

Some branch diameters 40, 50 and 63 allow the tapping tee to exhibit zero leakage while drilling and a low pressure loss.

Some features: Electrofusion fittings; PE100 black ; PN16; Injection moulded.

Suitable for: Piping systems for water distribution (UNI EN 12201 - ISO 4427); Piping systems for industrial applications (UNI EN ISO 15494); Piping for the distribution for fuel gas (UNI EN 1555 - ISO 4437).

Jointing method: Electrofusion.

Drilling: By internal built-in puncher.

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