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Training on the use of polyethylene materials

I Plast Experience is the Plastitalia training centre, specialised in training expert technicians on the use of materials and equipment for the construction of Polyethylene plants.
Through I Plast Experience, technicians can obtain welder qualification for polyethylene in accordance with standard UNI EN 13067 and become qualified in the welding procedure in accordance with UNI/TS11508.

formazione per saldature polietilene
The quality of welded constructions

The quality of welded constructions

Customers need to have systems that are able to function for the period of time necessary for amortisation.

Welders should be familiar with plastic material technology, polyethylene applications in pipe form, material processing, welded joints, welding procedures, etc.

They should be aware of the consequences of incorrect application of welding parameters, be able to prevent errors, etc.
In other words, they should be QUALIFIED!!!

Why welders should become qualified in accordance with new standard UNI EN 13067

Why welders should become qualified in accordance with new standard UNI EN 13067

Italy is a member state of the European Union and adopts standards issued by the CEN (European Committee for Standardization).
Standard UNI EN 13067 dictates the method adopted throughout Europe for welding personnel qualification for polyethylene piping (pressure: water, drinking water, combustible gas, industry).

How can I use my qualification certification?

How can I use my qualification certification?

Many plants made with polyethylene fall under areas regulated by laws, directives, technical standards and specifications. Qualification in accordance with UNI EN 13067 is required whenever the need arises to demonstrate your own skill.

• As a further demonstration of having prepared gas systems up to standard
• In the construction of hydrant networks for the supply of fire-fighting devices
• When working on the construction of plants falling under the PED Directive (Pressure     Equipment Directive)
• If welder qualification is required in tender specifications
What does the

What does the "I Plast Experience" training centre offer?

The increasingly intense use of new web communication techniques makes it possible to explore areas that were previously unimaginable.
Distance training is no longer a taboo. I Plast Experience, the first in Italy, provides computer-based theoretical welder training for polyethylene.
Why still attend courses carried out with traditional methods?
Why waste working time to attend lessons when you can be comfortably seated at home or in your office?

• Computer-based theoretical training lets users review and replay all topics as many    times as necessary.

• I Plast Experience oversees its students, providing the most modern means for      checking their preparation for the qualification exam carried out by a third party entity.

• The training activities indicated in standard UNI EN 13067 are specifically aimed at welding and provide a very strict, effective theoretical exam.

What's achieved by participating in the computer-based course

What's achieved by participating in the computer-based course

At the end of the computer-based course, you take part in an exam conducted by a third-party entity authorised to issue personnel qualification certificates.
If users pass the theoretical and practical tests provided for in standard UNI EN 13067, they obtain a 3PE class welder qualification certificate:

3.4 head-to-head qualification for dn ≤ 315 mm
3.5 head-to-head qualification for dn > 315 mm
3.6 electrofusion qualification for dn ≤ 315 mm
3.7 electrofusion qualification for dn > 315 mm
3.8 electrofusion tapping saddle qualification for all diameters

Furthermore, for electrofusion testing only, a welding procedure qualification record (WPQR) will be issued upon request together with welding qualification certification.

Where are qualification exams given?

Where are qualification exams given?

The I Plast Experience centre comes to you. Exam sessions can be organised anywhere in Italy. I Plast Experience is a training centre which operates in all European and non-European countries in which Plastitalia has a sales organisation.

All you need is a room equipped with electricity, a place where the written exam can be held, and the equipment necessary to make welding samples.
And...if something is missing...we'll take care of arranging for it.

We take care of even the smallest details of the entire exam organisation because we know that your time is precious.

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