21 April 2024

Plastitalia is pleased to introduce the "Online Tools" section on its website (https://www.plastitaliaspa.com/online-tools). This innovative section offers a series of specialized calculators designed to support industry professionals in their daily work.

This part of the website currently includes:

CO2 Emissions Calculator
At a time when environmental sustainability is front and center, Plastitalia is at your side in assessing the environmental impact of your projects. Our CO2 Emissions Calculator allows you to accurately estimate the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the welding of Electrofusion Fittings and the Butt Welding procedure. It can also be used to prepare an improved technical report in the case of public tenders.

Pull Force Calculator
The design of efficient piping systems requires an accurate assessment of hauling force. Our Pull Force Calculator provides the maximum pull force applicable to the pipe head during re-lining stages, ensuring optimal performance in your projects.

Pipe Shortening Calculator due to Internal Pressure Effect
To ensure the safety and reliability of your systems, it is critical to understand how pipes will react to internal pressure. Our Pipe Contraction Calculator provides an assessment on the change in length (shortening) of the pipe as an effect due to the application of internal pressure, allowing you to design robust and safe systems.

Tube Expansion/Shortening Calculator by Temperature Effect
Changes in temperature can affect the size of pipes. Our Pipe Contraction/Expansion Calculator helps you understand how the pipe material will respond to temperature changes over time, allowing you to prevent operational problems.


The "Online Tools" section is constantly being updated! So we encourage you to visit it frequently to take full advantage of our technical support.



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