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I Geo Plast

I Geo Plast
Welding geolocalisation

In a world where underground plant systems are already overpopulated and no longer leave room for error, piping geolocalisation can make the difference between efficient and expensive plant management.

In a future where many aspects are already currently relevant, the exact knowledge of the point where welding was carried out, with all the data related to it (type of material, diameters, type of fitting, welder, etc.), can be decisive in order to quickly perform repairs and replacements, reducing user inconvenience as much as possible.
I Plast 105 & I Geo Plast are the quintessential technical solutions for piping geolocalisation.

Igeoplast geolocalizzazione saldature tubazioni


Plastitalia has designed the I Geo Plast system to provide distribution company technicians with an instrument that helps them fulfil obligations deriving from the application of Leg. Decree 27 January 2010, which incorporates the INSPIRE Directive.
I Geo Plast connects via radio to the control unit (welder) I Plast 105 and transmits detection data directly to its memory.

Each weld is associated with the position detected by the system, longitude, latitude and altitude with sub-meter accuracy. This system optimally carries out plant welding and localisation in a single operation.
Use of this technology allows for the creation of an exportable database that can be integrated in a GIS (csv format file) during the line construction phase.

All data collected from the "control unit" (welder) I Plast 105 is placed in the database. This data can be used to obtain all information related to a specific job order. All information related to welding, including the total traceability of the operations performed and the materials used, can be collected together with the geographical data. It will be easy to replace old monographic systems with systems that are fully projected toward the future, but which are already available today.

I Geo Plast has been developed entirely by the PLASTITALIA technological department and is a "Made in Italy" product.

To whom it is intended

I Geo Plast can be used by distribution, gas, water, etc. companies, by waste management companies, by companies that build polyethylene plants, etc.

Automatic connection with welders

No specific preparation is required for professional use. Connection with the control unit (welder) I Plast 105 is automatic.

igeoplast geolocalizzazione saldature tubazioni

Antenna Gps

I Geo Plast is equipped with a special GPS module that can receive and unscramble different satellite network signals. A special internal software continuously processes data coming from all the satellites visible from the antenna, in this way providing the user with increasingly precise geographical data of the point where the antenna is located. The point is defined with sub-meter accuracy after a few minutes (generally, 5 are more than enough).

The antenna can be placed in the exact point of the weld, increasing detection accuracy compared to traditional systems (GPS systems inserted in the control units - welders). Moreover, as it is battery-run, it can be positioned completely safely inside restricted and dangerous areas such as excavations.

Data transmission between I Geo Plast and I Plast 105 uses a wireless system and the exchange is continuously monitored to ensure that no data is lost.
But that's not all: the equipment is controlled by a touch-screen display, operations are easy and intuitive, and a powerful battery ensures long periods of operation.

Technical data sheet

  • 3-band aeronautical antenna (allows the instrument to operate anywhere around the globe)
  • Receive and unscramble the WAS-GLONAS-GPS-GALILEO and OMNISTAR* position
  • Detection precision: sub-meter (with 6 satellites receiving 30° - 60° from the antenna zenith)
  • Power: 6A/h battery - 6h operating autonomy - 20h standby
  • Standby (adjustable): automatic energy savings (shut-down after 5 – 10 – 15 minutes – never)
  • Data format: Lat. Long. in degrees, first and second, – Altitude m
  • Functions: detects the position and communicates it only to I Plast
  • Glass fibre rod and aluminium accessories
  • Data transmission to the welder: wireless
  • Notes field and stand-alone detection (in development phase)

*for a fee depending on the type of subscription

igeoplast geolocalizzazione saldature tubazioni

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