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Revision of ISO 9624 and ISO 4427

The revision of this document has involved a long series of meetings of the ISO technical working group and the results of these meetings can be summarized in the following news:

  1. The model has been standardized to that defined in ISO 15494 (e.g.: bending radii and chamfers).
  2. The range has been extended to diameters up to dn 2500.
  3. The working pressures have been extended, now including PN25 products and up to dn 500.
  4. Defined the marking of both back loosing flanges and flange adapters.
  5. The adoption of three annexes including one relating to the types of gaskets that can be adopted and one that illustrates the methods of tightening the screws.

During the revision, corrections were also made to the product list. These corrections were determined by experience in the field and therefore the dn 450 products for the use with DN450 flange and dn 630 products for the use with DN600 flange are no longer included in the list. For these types of products, each manufacturer can always offer specific technical solutions.

The revision of the ISO 4427 group of standards Plastics piping systems for water supply and drainage and sewerage under pressure - Polyethylene (PE) - has made some editorial improvements to the documents but has not introduced the PE100-RC classification yet. However, part 3 introduces the possibility of applying two-dimensional codes (QR-code, Aztec or Matrix) to the electro-fusion fittings for the transfer of the welding parameters to the control units, as defined in ISO 12176-5 (in the process of being published). Also the aim of ISO 4427-5 “Fitness of the purpose of the system” has been improved. A note reminds that the application of this standard is reserved to the manufactures of the products and cannot be used for extra-factory evaluations, e.g.: performed by the customers.


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