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I Geo Plast 105 is the new DGPS system that connects via radio the control unit (welder) I Plast 105 and transmits the tracking directly to his memory.

For each weld is associated with the position taken by the system, longitude, latitude and altitude with a sub-meter accuracy, it is a great way to make a single welding operation and the location of the plant.

I GEO 105 Plast has been developed entirely by the Technical Department of PLASTITALIA and is a Made in Italy product and can be changed in the output data request.

The use of this technology allows, during the construction phase of the line, the creation of a data base exportable and integrated in a GIS.

For more information contact our EXPORT DEPARTMENT   phone: +39 0941 536311  mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Plastitalia represents the excellence of Italian production throughout the world, through the production of polyethylene fittings for water, gas and industrial fluids.

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