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Committment to the environment

Committment to the environment

Plastitalia has a heart for the future of our planet. It is for this reason that, since its founding, the company has made proper environmental management a high priority. Plastitalia takes the approach of having an ethical obligation to the planet. To this end, Plastitalia monitors the most significant environmental factors:

  • Energy consumption, both renewable and non-renewable
  • Raw material consumption, such as water

To limit pollution and environmental impact in all activities, Plastitalia is constantly improving its processes, products, and services. Plastitalia strives to ensure the greatest level of respect for the environment in which it operates, assuming responsibility in all aspects of environmental protection, in line with the company strategy. 

Our environment certifications

  • UNI EN ISO 14001 - IIP
  • EMAS

Download environmental declaration

Download our EMAS certification

Download our ISO 14001 certification

Plastitalia represents the excellence of Italian production throughout the world, through the production of polyethylene fittings for water, gas and industrial fluids.


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