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30 Giugno 2015 - Plastitalia S.p.A. for the Moscow Raceway

Plastitalia S.p.A., strengthens the partnership with its Russian distributor, specialized in supply of fittings for water, gas and industry.

Thanks to this collaboration it has been possible developing an important project regarding the use of Plastitalia S.p.A. fittings to completion of the Moscow Raceway, the race track and motorcycle located near Syčëvo, about 80 kilometers west of Moscow.

The circuit has a total of 18 different configurations, ranging from a maximum of 4,070 meters to a minimum of 1,357 m in length; the main ones are two, one of 3,955 m for motor racing and the other one for the motorcycle races. What better opportunity for Plastitalia S.p.A. to combine its passion for the automotive world with the excellence of its products!


The great interest of the Plastitalia S.p.A. founder for karting is reflected in founding the Lenzokart s.r.l., dedicated to the design and manufacturing of racing kart entirely developed, both chassis and engine, at the headquarter.

The Lenzokart s.r.l. thanks to its know how and a solid experience in the mechanical engineering, exports on national and international circuits an evolving product extremely reliable and cutting edge.

Two different companies, Plastitalia S.p.A. and Lenzokart s.r.l., but with the same corporate vision that distinguishes them on the market!

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