Plastitalia serves as the benchmark, in Italy and around the world, for those in the water, gas and industrial fittings sector, seeking guaranteed quality and cutting-edge technology.
Innovation, customer satisfaction, and internationalization of our brand are just some of the key ways that Plastitalia conducts business which also characterize our strategic vision.
All of this is built upon a solid foundation of experience which can be traced back to the early 1970’s, and upon which the company’s history has developed, reaching increasingly important goals.

By applying, to the letter, the ideals and protocols that have always been a part of the company mission:
• reach the client regardless of location, with professionalism, quality, attention to detail, and with the capacity to create a long-term relationship;
• Guarantee the client exceptional service and a quality product by taking advantage of highly innovative, cutting-edge solutions, all certified and “made in Italy.”
• Carry out industrial processes with respect to human resources and the natural environment to ensure and promote sustainability in both life and business.

Plastitalia can build leverage by:
• maintaining a fluid organization and optimally structured processes;
• using a team of resources characterized by human and professional qualities that are truly enviable;
• acquiring a profound knowledge of all technical aspects involved in installation, maintenance and use of the product.

“Plastitalia” is synonymous with “quality” and “innovation” throughout the world.

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