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 Plastitalia represents an excellence in the sector of Polyethylene Fittings for the transport of fluid in pressure. Excellence whole license plate “Made in Italy”. Made in Italy is a sum of knowledge, experience and production skills.

Starting from the studies of Leonardo Da Vinci, the first engineer in modern history to the present day, it is the knowledge that guides the design and optimization of manufacturing process and in Plastitalia a close-knit team of engineers design and checks that all products meet the strict manufacturing parameters self-imposed.

As for Michelangelo, experience and skill are their most productive reflected in the use of technicians and workers whose origins skin into the Italian territory, one in which the company was founded.

These are the values of the “Made in Italy” that Plastitalia pursues with determination and exports all over the world. Plastitalia bring in the name his destiny: promote successfully the high quality of its products together with the pride that is entirely “Made in Italy”. 








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