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LaboratoryQuality Control is the quality and consistency guarantee Plastitalia has with the market. It is a long-lasting commitment to provide products aligned with customer expectations. Plastitalia’s products are constantly exposed to extensive quality controls, both during and after the production stage, to ensure a high level of quality for the finished product. Each passes through the Quality Control Lab, which has the most advanced technologies and testing methods, along with workers with the highest level of qualifications.


There are many tests performed within our labs:

Raw materials:
- Melt flow rate (MFR), test temperature at 190° C, 5 kg, with results expressed in gr/10 minutes according to the UNI EN ISO 1133 method;
- Oxidation induction time (OIT), at 200°C, 20 minutes, test according to UNI EN 11357 standards.

Finished product:
- Dimensions test according to  UNI  EN 12201/1555 standards;
- Melt Flow Rate (MFR) according to UNI EN ISO 1133 standards;
- Resistance to internal pressure at constant temperature 20°C for 100 hours, 80°C for 165 hours, 80°C for 1000 hours according to UNI EN ISO 1167 standards;
- Oxidation induction time (OIT), at 200°C, 20 minutes/test according to UNI EN 11357 standards;
- Verification of mechanical characteristics (tensile, decohesion) according to international standards ISO 13983, ISO 13954, ISO 13955, ISO 13956.

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